Sunday, June 12, 2011

Greece and Turkey in New York!

It was just a hop, skip and a jump from Logan Airport to LaGuardia Saturday morning.  And with no commitments for Fulbright Hays until dinner time, three of us early-arrivers headed over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Which section of the museum did we visit?  Ancient Greece, of course!  Why visit the Greece exhibit in a New York museum, when we are going to "the real thing" in a matter of days?  As one of my new traveling partners put it, "This IS the real thing!  After all, if an artifact is here [meaning in the Met], then it can't possibly be there [meaning Greece]!"

OK, I just have to put my teacher hat on for a moment.  Here is a shout out to my students (you are still in school!):  Take a look at this statue of a wounded warrior (one of the many statues I saw in the museum) and answer the following questions:
     1.  Is this a Greek original or a Roman copy?  And, how do you know?
     2.  In which period of Greek art was it made:  Archaic, Classical, or Hellenistic?  How do you know?

I know my students are overjoyed to know that I have been thinking of them on the first day of my adventure and have already put together this little quiz for them!

Dinner Saturday night was a taste of Turkey!  Creamy hummus, doner kebab of succulent lamb, a dessert plate that included a treat reminiscent of baklava, but made with toasted shredded wheat, drenched in honey.  But the entertainment was the real icing on the cake: belly dancing!  Who knew that someone could balance a three foot curved sword on the top of her head while belly dancing around the room?  Don't try this at home!

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