Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cannakale to Istanbul

On Wednesday we left Cannakale, crossed the Dardanelles to the Peninsula of Gallipoli, then continued on to Istanbul (the European side).  Here are some photos. 

The view from my hotel in Cannakale overlooking the Dardanelles; the sun setting behind the Peninsula of Gallipoli.

An Australian/New Zealand cemetery at ANZAC Cove

The dome inside the Blue Mosque

One of the "Elephant Leg" pillars inside the Blue Mosque

A tile on display in the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art.  The inscription is the name "God" in Arabic.  This appears in every mosque.  
Doner!  Yum!

The Underground Cistern

The Underground Cistern

The interior of the Hagia Sophia

KT at the "Loge of the Empress."  This is where the Empress would stand, up on the second floor overlooking the crowd.

The Hagia Sophia from the second floor

The streets of the Beyoglu district of Istanbul

The Beyoglu district of Istanbul.  Can you see how many people there are?

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