Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Turkish Ceramics

Say "Turkey" and two things instantly come to mind: 1) Turkish baths, and 2) Turkish rugs.  

I have not yet been to the hamam, but I plan to do so.  The coffee treatment and full body massage sound particularly appealing.

I have not yet bought a Turkish rug, and I wonder if I'll get caught up in the moment at the Grand Bazaar in Instanbul.  The colors and patterns are intoxicating!

But I have bought some Turkish ceramics.  Like the rugs, that seem to be everywhere, the ceramics are visually captivating.  We visited a ceramics maker in Cappadocia, where we dove into a sea of bowls, plates, vases decorated in vibrant and glistening reds, blues, greens, yellows.  Here are just a few of the plates that decorated the back room where a potter gave us a kick wheel demonstration.  (It brought back nightmares of trying to center a slab of clay on the pottery wheel at Westlake School in 7th grade.)

Guess which pattern I picked?  You'll have to be our guest back in Acton to find out!

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