Friday, July 1, 2011

Greece: The Photo Diary Part One

I know this is a bit out of order...after all, I am in Turkey right now...but I thought I would share some photos from my travels in Greece before I returned.  Enjoy!

Very first day!  KT at the Aegean Sea in Thessolaniki
Dionysis waking Ariadne, bronze figure on the Dervini Crater
Sponge Bob in Thessolaniki

Greek doner!

After dinner music at a taverna in Thessolaniki


Aristotle Boulevard at night

Alexander....he was Great!

Part of a floor mosaic, approximately 15 x 20 ft, Pella

Bugatsa...philo, cheese....yum!

Meteora: wanna get away from it all?

Pindos Mountains

KT in the Pindos

First recorded music; from the Treasury of Athens at the Temple of Apollo, Delphi

The Bronze Charioteer.  One of the few surviving original bronze statues from ancient Greece.  Most bronze  and gold statues were eventually melted down and used for military purposes.  Many marble statues that we see today were actually made during the Roman period, reproductions of the original.

The Charioteer: expressionless face is characteristic of the Classical  Period of Greek art

The Charioteer

One of the 300?  Thermopyle


The view from just outside our hotel in Delphi.   Not bad.

The Temple of Apollo at Delphi

Ruins from the Temple of Apollo, as the sun begins to set

The town of Avahova

Monastery of the Blessed Luke

Lovely views from the Monastery of the Blessed Luke, wouldn't you agree?

The theater at Epidaurus, where we sang You're a Grand Old Flag and You've Got a Friend!

Atop the ruins of the prehistoric city-state of Mycenae

Stay tuned for photos from Athens!

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