Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's All About the Food

One thing is for sure: we have eaten like royalty every day of our tour!  Breakfast is always at the hotel buffet, where the assortment of hot and cold dishes is mind boggling.  Not to mention the selection of cheeses, olives and nuts!  My favorite breakfasts: the yogurt in Greece and the honey cut straight from the honeycomb in Turkey.  Lunch is a sit-down affair where course upon course is laid before us.  There is hardly room on the table for all of the dishes!  After salads, spreads with bread and appetizers comes the main course.  Dessert at lunch time is nearly always watermelon, or watermelon with another kind of melon.   And tea, of course.  After lunch we, Fulbrighters, continue on our tour, when a siesta is really the more appropriate option.  Dinner has either been with the group or on our own, depending upon the plan for the day.  Cheap doner, or a meal with a fantastic view of the's all available!  Below you can enjoy some of the treats that I savored during my five weeks of travels.

Various stuffed items (dolmas, sarmas)

A salad in Turkey

These spreads and cheese with bread is enough for a meal!

Beef, chicken, Adana kebap

Guvec: meat and vegetables cooked like a stew in these clay pots.  

The top of the pot is removed, and the pot is served!


Melon and watermelon, elegantly served

Melon side view

Thick Turkish yogurt with honey and poppy seeds

"The best gelato in Greece"  in Napflion

Greek spinach pie

From the sea!

One of many, many, many Greek salads

Another delicious chicken dish

All vegetarian meal, prepared by the women at the Women's Center in Ankara

Honeycomb, just waiting for customers to come cut away!

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